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Organizer: LLC International Festival "Magic Beads", edition of the magazine "Fashion Handicraft".



1.1. IEC, Brovarsky Prospekt, 15, (Left Bank), Kyiv, Ukraine


2.1. Installation of stands and registration of participants: on Thursday before the opening of the exhibition from 12:00 to 20:00.

2.2. The official opening of the exhibition: Friday, the first day of the exhibition, at 12:00.

2.3. Hours of the exhibition:

       - for participants:

          Friday-Saturday (1-2 days of the exhibition): from 9:30 to 19:00;

          Sunday (3rd day of the exhibition): 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

       - for visitors:

          Friday-Saturday (1-2 days of the exhibition): from 10:00 to 19:00;

          Sunday (3rd day of the exhibition): from 10:00 to 17:00.

ATTENTION! Admission of participants to the exhibition is carried out only in the presence of a executed and paid contract (application-contract) and a power of attorney for a person authorized to sign other necessary documents (applications, acts).

2.4. Dismantling of stands and departure: Sunday (3rd day of exhibition) from 17:00 to 20:00.

ATTENTION! Dismantling of stands and departure of participants before the specified time is strictly forbidden! There is a paid early departure service, the cost of 3500 (three thousand five hundred) UAH.


3.1. The exhibition area (according to the applications) is given to the participant for rent for the period from 12:00 on Thursday (official day of arrival) until 20:00 on Sunday (3rd day of the exhibition).

3.2. Payment of the organizational fee and the rent of the exhibition space must be made by the participant in full amount for the requisite specified by the organizer before arrival to the exhibition, with at least 30% of the total cost of the account – within 5 banking days from the date of invoicing.

3.3. Organizational contribution – in accordance with the application-contract.

ATTENTION! Organizational fee is collected from every full-time exhibitor! Provided that two or more participants are accommodated at one common stand, the organizational fee is paid for by each participant individually!

The cost of the organizational fee includes: payment of advertising and organizational expenses, textual information about the participant indicating the contacts of the participant in the list of participants of the exhibition on the site, placement of the name (or project name), two badges of the participant on the stand, invitation card for visiting the exhibition for two persons, invitation for one person for a solemn evening, diploma of the participant.

ATTENTION! On stands up to 6 m² you can pre-order an additional badge worth 40 UAH.

3.4. Options for placing a participant in the exhibition area:

       for companies and shops (minimum stand area of ​​6 m²):

          - linear booth (open from one side),

          - corner booth (open from two sides),

          - unfurnished area (minimum stand area of ​​6 m²):

       for masters, creative studios types of stands:

          - linear author's booth (open from one side),

          - corner author's booth (open from two sides),

          - podium (1.0x1.0x1.0),

          - middle podium (1.0x0.5x1.0),

          - small podium (1.0x0.5x0.5),

          - glass showcase (1.0x0.5x2.5 m with backlight),

          - workplases to choose from.

3.5. The rent for the equipped exhibition space includes:

  • rental of a standard set of furniture and equipment according to the size of the stand (for every 2 m² wall panels (height 2.5 m), 80x80 table, chair, lamp, frieze inscription, trash bin, carpet cover);

  • granting badges for the right of entry of the participant to the exhibition within the quota, depending on the size of the leased space;

  • rental of standard constructions for booth construction;

  • assembly and dismantling works;

  • IEC operating costs:

  • general energy supply, heating, ventilation of the closed exhibition spaces and energy supply of the open territory of the exhibition;

  • general protection of the exhibition area;

  • cleaning of aisles and cleaning of the general exhibition area except for the interior space of the stands;

  • removal of garbage, tare and small construction waste from specially designated places during the period of installation and dismantling;

  • services of maintenance personnel (electricians on duty, plumbers and others).

3.6. These prices include value added tax (VAT-20%).

3.7. Minimum size of the leased equipped exhibition space:

  • for companies and shops – 6 m²

  • for masters – 1 m²

  • for two masters – 3 m²


4.1. The completed and certified application-contract for participation in the exhibition must be sent to the organizer of the exhibition no later than one week before arrival at the exhibition.

4.2. After paying the registration fee, the participant registers as an official Exhibitor.



5.1. After registration, signing of the application-contract and receipt of the invoice, the participant shall transfer 30% of the cost of the exhibition space to the organizer settlement account within 5 banking days. The remaining amount of the rent according to the invoice shall be paid not later than seven days before the start of the exhibition. Booking a stand after paying 30% of the total cost of services.

5.2. The Organizer does not provide services in case of late payment by the participant. Participation in the exhibition is possible only on condition of 100% payment by the participant of services within the terms specified in clause 5.1.



6.1. Installation and design of stands: Thursday, one day before the exhibition opening, from 12:00 to 20:00.

Dismantling of stands: Sunday (3rd day of the exhibition) from 17:00 to 20:00.

6.2. All assembly and dismantling works are carried out within the limits of the rented exhibition space.

6.3. The participant is not allowed to dismantle any elements of the standard stand design independently; mounting of exhibits to the wall panels is not allowed in any way that leads to mechanical damage to the panels or their damage (nails, screws, non-removable or painting adhesive tape or glue, etc.).

6.4. Participants are prohibited from affixing exhibits to the equipment and floor of the pavilion.

6.5. The participant is strictly forbidden to eliminate the malfunction in the work of the electrical equipment installed on the stand, as well as independently connect the electrical appliances to the regular power supplies of the exhibition pavilion.

6.6. The organizer has the right to rearrange or remove at the expense of the participant all that is outside the paid rented area. Participant's equipment and exhibits must be located within the paid area and not obstruct passageways.

6.7. Removal of any details of the stand construction outside the exhibition area paid by the Exhibitor is not allowed.

6.8. Any excess height of the stand, including the construction of 2 or more storey stand, requires the permission of the organizer.

6.9. Loading, unloading, construction, installation work and registration of the exhibition can be started no later than 12:00 on Thursday and must be completed, including the removal of container and garbage by 20:00 on the 3rd day of the exhibition (Sunday).

6.10. All the design, construction and assembly services ordered by the participant, as well as additional equipment, are paid on separate accounts, according to the prices presented in the Order of additional equipment and services (sent upon request). These bills must be paid 2 weeks before the start of installation work.


7.1. Dismantling of the stand, packing of exhibits and their export from the exhibition area until the end of the exhibition are prohibited.

7.2. At the end of the exhibition the participant is obliged to surrender all the constructions and equipment of the stand in good and clean condition, in case of damage to the structures and equipment – the participant is obliged to pay its full cost, according to the prices presented in the Order of additional equipment and services.

7.3. After the end of the exhibition, all exhibits and equipment belonging to the participant equipment of the exhibition stand (exposition) are taken out by the participant independently. The participant must vacate the rented area no later than 8:00 pm on the 3rd day of the exhibition (Sunday).



8.1. The participant is provided with additional services and equipment, according to the list "Ordering optional equipment and services".



9.1. The participant is allowed all kinds of advertising activity within the leased stand.

9.2. Placement of any type of advertising outside the stand is possible only in certain places in agreement with the organizer and after payment of a separately agreed amount, which is not included in the cost of renting the stand area, not later than seven days before the exhibition.

9.3. Any sound or moving advertising must be agreed in writing by the participant with the organizer to avoid interference with other participants of the event.

9.4. The participant is obliged to provide the organizer with information for placement in the guidebook (if such will be printed for the exhibition), in the list of participants on the organizer's website no later than two weeks before the exhibition begins.

9.5. The Organizer is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and promotional materials presented by the participant, does not monitor the copyright in the reproduction of audio and video advertising. The Participant must independently resolve all issues related to the payment of royalties and compliance with the rules of copyright and related rights, as well as be responsible for their non-observance.

9.6. Photo / video taken by the participant during the exhibition is carried out with the permission of the organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to use these materials in its sole discretion.


10.1. The participant carries out risk insurance independently. The participant is strongly advised to insure his exhibits and other equipment for which he is responsible.


11.1. During the exhibition the participant is allowed into the exhibition hall from 9.30 to 19.00 in the presence of badges of participants.

11.2. All types of lotteries, raffles or prize competitions are held only in accordance with the law and with the written permission of the organizer.

11.3. Commercial activity at the exhibition is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

11.4. For import and export of exhibits from the exhibition area, a system of passes for the import and export of equipment is used. The participant should follow the following procedure:

  • print and fill in the Entry-Exit permit (application # 1 in the participant's manual) in 2 copies, signed and, if available, stamped. Permission is given at the entrance to the pavilion.

Importation of equipment is allowed only after receipt of the stamp "Entry permit" in 2 copies.

ATTENTION! Registration of the permission for export of equipment earlier than 16.00 and departure of participants earlier 17.00 are strictly forbidden! There is a paid early departure service, the cost of 3500 (three thousand five hundred) UAH.

11.5. During the exhibition, the access of freight vehicles to the territory of the International Exhibition Center for the import and export of exhibits is prohibited, the entry-exit permit is valid only on the days of exhibitors arrival and departure.

11.6. Storage of packaging and packaging of equipment on exhibitor stands and other places of exhibition pavilions is strictly forbidden.



12.1. Access to the exhibition by the participant is carried out on the badge of the participant. The badge is the official document for unobstructed entry and exit to the exhibition and is valid throughout the days of the exhibition.



13.1. There is a cafe in the pavilion from 10.00 to 18.00. All meals should be carried out in a designated area.



14.1. Every morning, before the opening of the exhibition, the aisles between the stands are cleaned, as well as the debris left in front of the stands in the garbage bags.

ATTENTION! For an additional fee, the participant can order a cleaning service at their stand.



15.1. During the exhibition, the stands are guarded from 19.00 to 9.30 the next day.

15.2. From 19.00 to 9.00, the entrance to the Pavilion's showroom is closed.

15.3. The participant should ensure the presence of his representative on the stand during the exhibition. Responsibility for the safety of exhibits and personal effects on the stands from the moment of opening of the pavilion to the moment of its closure lies solely with the participant.



16.1. In case of reduction of the exhibition area or refusal to participate in the exhibition, the participant is obliged to pay the organizer a penalty in the following amounts:

• 120 days before the start of installation work - 25% of the participation cost (part of the area);

• 60 days before the start - 75% of the participation fee (part of the area);

• less than 35 days before the start of installation work - 100% of the participation cost (part of the area).

16.2. The participant is obliged to notify the organizer in writing of the reduction of the exhibition area or refusal to participate in the exhibition.

ATTENTION! In case of refusal to participate in the exhibition penalties in the amount of the organizational fee are not refundable!



17.1. The parties shall be released from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of any condition of this Agreement, if this was the result of force majeure, which objectively make it impossible to fulfill the obligations.
17.2. Force majeure means the case, force majeure, and all other circumstances as defined in paragraphs. 17.3. - 17.4. of this Agreement as a basis for exemption from liability for breach of the Agreement.
17.3. Force majeure in this Treaty means any extraordinary events of an external nature with respect to the Parties which arise without the fault of the Parties, beyond their will or contrary to the will or desire of the Parties, and which cannot be foreseen under the usual measures and cannot at all care and caution to avoid (avoid), including (but not limited to) natural phenomena of nature (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, lightning destruction, etc.), biological, man-made and man-made disasters (explosions , fires, machinery and equipment failure, mass epidemics, epizootics, epiphytotics, etc.), social circumstances (war, hostilities, blockades, public unrest, acts of terrorism, mass strikes and lockouts, boycotts, etc.), restrictive normative acts of public authorities or local self-government, other lawful or unlawful prohibitive or restrictive measures of the said bodies, which prevent the Parties from implementing this Agreement or temporarily hinder such implementation.
17.4. In this case, this Agreement shall mean any circumstances which are not considered to be force majeure under this Treaty and which are not directly caused by the actions of the Parties and are not related to them by causal relationship, arising out of the fault of the Parties, beyond their will or contrary to the will or the wishes of the Parties, which cannot be foreseen under the usual measures and cannot be avoided (with all due diligence and prudence).
17.5. The onset of force majeure must be certified by a competent authority designated by the applicable law of Ukraine.
17.6. A Party that intends to invoke force majeure must, without delay, take into account the capabilities of the instant communication equipment and the nature of the existing obstacles, to inform the other Party of the existence of force majeure and their effect on the implementation of this Agreement.
17.7. If the force majeure circumstances and (or) their consequences temporarily hinder the implementation of this Agreement, then the implementation of this Agreement shall be suspended for a period during which it is impossible. Upon termination of force majeure circumstances, the period of fulfillment of obligations is renewed.
17.8. If force majeure circumstances continue for more than six months, either Party shall have the right to waive the further performance of its obligations under this Agreement without the right to compensation for damages.



18.1. The Organizer provides external security of the premises in which the exhibition is located, and is not responsible for the presence and condition of the exhibitor's property during the hours of the exhibition, and is not responsible for the loss of other tangible property belonging to the participant, his representative or persons working on participant or invited.
18.2. The exhibitor uses the exhibition areas only for their intended purpose and according to the exposure plan. For violation of the boundaries of the stand - a fine of 2500 (two thousand five hundred) UAH. or removal from the exhibition hall without a refund of the cost of participation in the exhibition.
18.3. The Participant has no right without the written permission of the Exhibition Organizer to partially or fully transfer, rent or change the stand allocated to him.
18.4. The participant bears material responsibility to the organizer for damage (damage) of the exhibition equipment and property in the amount of double value at prices on the day of their order according to the IEC price list.
18.5. The participant is fully responsible for compliance with fire safety, safety and industrial sanitary regulations. In case of their violation, it pays all penalties applied by the respective control bodies. During the exhibition, smoking is allowed only in a designated area.
18.6. The participant is not entitled to dismantle his exhibition until the official closing of the exhibition.
18.7. If the participant does not remove his exhibition property from the territory of the exhibition location within the set time of dismantling, he shall pay the organizer the related expenses.
18.8. The participant has no right to carry out during the exhibition activities that are prohibited or contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine.
18.9. The participant has no right to delegate his / her powers and obligations to third parties without the written consent of the organizer.



19.1. In case the participant violates these conditions, the organizer has the right to refuse the participant to provide an exhibition stand (area).

19.2. Claims of the participant must be sent to the organizer in writing no later than the last day of the exhibition.

19.3. In the event of a situation involving an ambiguous interpretation of these terms, any disputes and / or issues not regulated by these terms, the final decision is made by the organizer on the basis of the legislation of Ukraine. The decision of the organizer is not subject to appeal.