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Modna lyalka
All-Ukrainian network Printing house “Wolf”

Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Advertising Souvenirs of Ukraine was established in 2008 with the purpose of developing the market of advertising and souvenir products of Ukraine, establishing professional standards of activity in the production and sale of advertising and souvenir products

Handmade Online Supermarket

All-Ukrainian network Printing house Wolf – a leader in the printing market since 1995.

The Printing House Wolf is a unique and innovative equipment fleet that includes 50 machines, 68 printing sections and more than 500 employees. Production covers more than 7000 square meters. Such a powerful economic "bridgehead" allows you to fulfill orders of any complexity, and in extremely short time!

The Printing House Wolf prints business cards, flyers, information leaflets, brochures, newspapers, brochures, magazines, directories, books and any other products that can be printed by digital, offset role and sheet printing. Any circulations of any band, color and on any paper are accepted for orders. Also, all types of post-press processing are carried out to implement the most daring ideas of the customer to attract the attention of a potential target audience.

In addition, customers can purchase souvenirs: pens, cups, caps, T-shirts, etc. with the customer’s logo, as well as more than 7000 products for the home and office.





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Official sponsor of the event

Absentee advertising
at the International Show of Author’s Dolls and Teddy “Modna lyalka”

 Dear partners!

We offer you a comprehensive advertising and PR program aimed at attracting the target audience of visitors

Information partner

Information business partner


Absentee participation options

(specified in UAH
including taxes)

Placing flyers, business cards at the organizers' information desk at the entrance to the exhibition hall of the pavilion

600 for all days of the exhibition

Roll-up advertising in the lobby at the entrance to the pavilion showroom

900 for all days of the exhibition

Advertising on Roll-up near the organizing committee in the exhibition hall of the pavilion

1100 for all days of the exhibition

Advertising on Roll-up near the main stage in the exhibition hall of the pavilion

1500 for all days of the exhibition

Placement of advertising materials in packages for participants (400 packages)

1500 for all days of the exhibition

Posting news, promotions and other informational publications ONLY on social networks (1 post per week)

1500 for 4 publications

Posting news, promotions and other informational publications on websites and social networks (3 publications per week)

4500 for 12 publications

Pay 100% within 5 days from the date of invoice. In the absence of payment, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the provision of the selected option of absentee participation.

Special conditions

  • 10% discount for 100% payment before 01/10/2022.
  • 8% discount for 100% payment before 02/01/2022.

Our offer is not limited to the indicated positions.
If you have any new ideas for promoting your brand, we are always happy to consider and implement them!

 Contact person Tatyana Loseva
+38 098-951-20-51, vistavkapr@gmail.com

Director of the exhibition Yuri Shumansky
+38 068-358-35-50, fairybeads17@gmail.com

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- complex of enterprises and goods of Ukraine, https://west-info.ua/

- agro-business portal, https://www.agropro.biz/

- Ukrainian advertising portal, http://biznes-pro.ua/

- SEO optimization and web development https://west-info.lviv.ua/

- specialized publications