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Modna lyalka
Modna lyalka
KOLOBOK.UA – a corner of happiness for kids and their parents
All-Ukrainian network Printing house “Wolf”

Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Advertising Souvenirs of Ukraine was established in 2008 with the purpose of developing the market of advertising and souvenir products of Ukraine, establishing professional standards of activity in the production and sale of advertising and souvenir products

KOLOBOK.UA – a corner of happiness for kids and their parents.

The site KOLOBOK.UA has been operating since August 2016. Moms and dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles have long known that the most important and useful information about a child and family can be found only on the family portal – Kolobok.ua

And despite the fact that the site Kolobok.ua is still very young, they trust and love it. Because here:

- advice from pediatricians, nutritionists and other specialists to solve both small and large health problems;

- A million tips on the intellectual and physical development of children from the earliest to oldest adolescence;

- a golden collection of educational cartoons and films that are interesting to viewers of different ages and are great for family viewing;

- tips from psychologists that help preserve peace in the family and happiness;

- handmade secrets to create comfort in the house;

- stories from the life of world-class stars and their children.

It is impossible to list all the questions that are covered on the portal Kolobok.ua. Because this wonderful kid grows with his readers and as an inquisitive child is ready to find answers to a million questions!


Best shows: watch online on TV.UA. TV shows, horoscopes, news, shows, movies, TV series on TV.UA.

IVONA Women's Magazine: women's portal, women's forum, modern women's site.

Handmade Online Supermarket

All-Ukrainian network Printing house Wolf – a leader in the printing market since 1995.

The Printing House Wolf is a unique and innovative equipment fleet that includes 50 machines, 68 printing sections and more than 500 employees. Production covers more than 7000 square meters. Such a powerful economic "bridgehead" allows you to fulfill orders of any complexity, and in extremely short time!

The Printing House Wolf prints business cards, flyers, information leaflets, brochures, newspapers, brochures, magazines, directories, books and any other products that can be printed by digital, offset role and sheet printing. Any circulations of any band, color and on any paper are accepted for orders. Also, all types of post-press processing are carried out to implement the most daring ideas of the customer to attract the attention of a potential target audience.

In addition, customers can purchase souvenirs: pens, cups, caps, T-shirts, etc. with the customer’s logo, as well as more than 7000 products for the home and office.





Global search for exhibitions and conferences worldwide

A news portal designed for artists, amateurs, craftsmen and craftsmen, exhibition organizers, fairs, workshops and any other activity in all areas of creativity and needlework

The most visited catalog of exhibitions and conferences in Russia and the CIS, whose mission is to simplify the selection of quality events for small and medium-sized businesses

Calendar of all exhibitions in Kyiv online

Website and free mobile app for event organizers and visitors

The mission of ArchiIdeas is to help you see and feel the creativity around you... to accept and feel your uniqueness... your personality... closing your eyes, following the dream... Create your story with us!

An informative platform for creative people who are passionate about sewing, needlework, style and fashion.

RIA.com - verified sellers. More than 3,300,000 Ukrainians find vacancies, buy and sell goods and services on RIA.com every month. Sell and buy goods and services in a proven and safe way. Work in Ukraine and abroad, furniture, clothing, household appliances, telephones, auto parts and more than 1,700,000+ goods and services.

It is a unique portal of all-round masters, which has combined a shop of copyright works, a space for communication and exchange of experience of all creative people, and also became a platform for starting and developing your own business

Official sponsor of the event

Absentee advertising
at the XXI International Show of Author’s Dolls and Teddy “Modna lyalka”


Dear partners!

We offer you a comprehensive advertising and PR program aimed at attracting the target audience of visitors


1. Distribution of promotional materials by the promoter of the customer.

In the registration area, the promoters of your company can distribute business cards and other advertising printing.

Cost for three days of the exhibition: 1500 UAH.

Application deadline is no later than two weeks before the start of the exhibition.

2. Placement of flyers, business cards at the information desk at the organizing committee at the entrance to the pavilion.

Cost for three days of the exhibition: 600 UAH.

Application deadline is no later than two weeks before the start of the exhibition.

The deadline for submission of materials is until no later than one week before the start of the exhibition.



Advertising on the Roll-up of the customer’s booth in the lobby at the entrance.

The cost of placing a Roll-up stand for all days of the exhibition: 900 UAH.

Advertising on Roll-up is an additional advertising space at the exhibition.

Delivery to Pavilion.

Application deadline is no later than two weeks before the start of the exhibition.

Deadline for submission of materials - no later than one day before the start of the exhibition.



Placement of promotional materials in packages for participants.

The cost of an advertising tab in 400 packages: 1500 UAH.

Application deadline is no later than two weeks before the start of the exhibition.

The deadline for submission of materials is until no later than one week before the start of the exhibition.

Our offer is not limited to the indicated positions.
If you have any new ideas for promoting your brand, we are always happy to consider and implement them!


 Contact person Tatyana Loseva
+38 098-951-20-51, vistavkapr@gmail.com

Director of the exhibition Yuri Shumansky
+38 068-358-35-50, fairybeads17@gmail.com

General Media Partner

Information partner

Information business partner


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