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Modna lyalka

Dear friends!

During the XXІ International show “Modna lyalka” the following interesting events from the “Institute of Noble Girls” will be presented on the main stage:

Master class in stylistics “Elegant style”

Today, under a good upbringing, it is customary to understand the knowledge of foreign languages (better two or three), solutions of material tasks, read and erudition. What about good figures and equal back, slow movements, ability to stay at the top, self-confidence, exquisite and stylish image? These skills are not born, they are working for the last life, paying them enough attention and strength. In this class you will learn how to dress according to the situation and your age, pick up the appropriate accessories. Learn to stay public, learn how to add exactness and flexibility to movements, gestures and postures. Theoretical and practical workshop classes will help develop self-confidence and reach the peaks of elegance and galance. Learn about:

  • fit clothes, style, formation of offense. Catastrophic errors in clothes;
  • What is beauty, what is elegant;
  • fit accessories, correction using accessories;
  • habits, voice, gestures;
  • manners of behavior;
  • wardrobe (elegant homemade clothes, for work, walks, casual and festive).

The master class will be held by Oksana Kuzmenko, teacher of discipline “Etiquette and elegant style”, school “Institute of noble girls”.

Duration 1 hour.

Master class of floristry “My first composition”

We offer to create a composition of live flowers on a floristic sponge. This is a pretty simple but spectacular way that does not require florist skills and succeeds everyone at the first class. We use seasonal flowers and thereby create the appropriate mood - from gently-spring to frosty-winter.

The master class will be held by Oksana Kuzmenko, teacher of the course “Floristics”, school “Institute of noble Girls”.

Duration 1 hour.

We are waiting for you on May 22-24 in IEC at the XXI International show “Modna lyalka”!

Master class “Elegant style”
and “My first composition”