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Dear friends!

In the days of the XXI International show “Craft. Business & Hobby” on the main stage, a business seminar is planned from our permanent information business partner AVIRSU (Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Advertising Souvenirs of Ukraine) “Revolution of the fashion industry: mass market vs local / niche brands vs hand made”.

The future of the fashion industry: is the mass market really collapsing and niche projects are replacing? Large network brands vs local ones that go to global sites. Why do we need to compare the incomparable and compare the incomparable?

  • Trends in the fashion industry 2020.
  • TOP-5 types of local and niche projects with a good future.
  • TOP-5 misconceptions in the fashion industry from the point of view of hand-makers.
  • 5 techniques for developing your own project.
  • 5 direct paths to the burial of your project.
  • Solutions and technologies in the Ukrainian market that may be useful.

Speaker: Nataly Voloshyna, Executive Director of AVIRSU, trend hunter, contributor, specialist in advertising and marketing communications, business consultant.

A business seminar for hand-makers and representatives of local, niche brands – ONLY for those who are ready to stay in a flexible state!

If you are looking for turnkey solutions, instructions, and walkthroughs for doing business – this seminar is not for you. The purpose of the seminar is to show a cross-section of current trends and provide information for your own thoughts, to show vectors for various scenarios for the development of your own projects.

Within the framework of the seminar, it will be possible to enter into a dialogue with a specialist who communicates with business representatives of various formats and scales every day and has a whole portfolio of practical solutions taken from the experience of Ukrainian business realities.

“Revolution of the fashion industry: mass market vs local / niche brands vs hand made”