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Modna lyalka

Anniversary catalog
of the exhibition “Modna lyalka” 2019


We published this catalog for an important event in the history of the largest puppet exhibition in Ukraine – “Modna Lyalka” – for her Anniversary, for the 20th exhibition! We are proud of each of them and with great pleasure summarize our joint path with you.
For some, “Modna Lyalka” was the first step, a bold, decisive step to show their work in public. Most believed in their strength, they grow and develop, participate in specialized exhibitions abroad, receive awards and recognition in international competitions. Your achievements are valuable to us, and we are proud to feel a little involved. Thank you for being with us!
For others, “Modna Lyalka” is an unexpected discovery, love at first sight and forever. It is you, our visitors – the best in the world! We know many of you by sight and by name, we love for the constancy and interest in our participants, we are always happy for your transformation from the status of “visitor” to the status of “exhibitor” (such cases are not uncommon). For some of you, making dolls has also become a favorite fascinating hobby, and for someone a new profession. Someone replenishes their private collections with the works of our masters and, perhaps, will one day open a museum. Thank you for being with us!
It is pleasant to note that the quality of our exhibitions is also growing. Artists and craftsmen unite in creative groups, create and bring interesting projects to us. Thanks to their initiative, an art zone has appeared in recent years – a space in the exhibition area where stands with projects are presented. There is a beloved zone with cubes-podiums, showcases with competitive works, designer stands, stands for business (selling materials and tools for needlework and creativity), a stage and a red carpet, where processions with articulated dolls, shows of designer collections, fashion shows in themed costumes and looks. Our exhibition is a living organism, it grows and develops with us. I say “ours with you”, because I perceive us as one big creative family, worthy of love and respect, in need of help and support of each other. Only in this way will we achieve success and prosperity.
Special thanks to my team, which is doing everything possible to ensure that the exhibition continues from year to year. To spend these three days as a holiday, we selflessly work for six months, sometimes to the detriment of personal interests, but, looking from the height of the 20th exhibition, I’m sure that it’s not in vain! Thank you for being with me!
In this catalog, new and well-known authors are presented. You can find many of them at the exhibition, chat, purchase their work or get an autograph (according to tradition, visitors often take autographs on the catalog pages). And those who this time you will not find at the exhibition, look for their contacts on personal pages. Make interesting acquaintances, place orders, make purchases, sign up for master classes, communicate and have fun!
And when we read these lines, we will already be preparing for the next exhibition in September, 2020 (dates are being specified)!
See you soon!

Sincerely, Yuri Shumansky

Download artbook in .pdf