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On September 6, the official announcement ceremony of the results of the contest of author's works "My favorite bear" was held, in which 11 puppeteers took part with 13 works of authorship in three nominations: "Traditional bear", "Interior bear", "Bear made of various materials". The winner of the "Traditional Bear" nomination by an independent jury was Elena Makeenkova with the work "Alpin Polar Bear". To evaluate the nominations "Interior bear" and "Bear made of various materials", the required number of works (five works) was not presented, therefore prizes in these nominations were not awarded.

List of finalists of the contest:


Nomination "Traditional Bear"
No. 1, Boyko Maria, "The Bear"
No. 3, Chumak Ekaterina, "Bear Oliver"
No. 6, Kovgan Yanina, "Honeyed bear"
No. 7, Makeenkova Elena, "Alpin Polar Bear"
No. 9, Kalashnikova Katya, "Amethyst"
No. 10, Podoroga Oksana, “Tata. We return the hats to the city streets"
No. 12, Voskodavenko Svetlana, "Samantha and the elephant"
No. 14, Voskodavenko Svetlana, "Dandy"

Nomination "Interior Bear"
No. 8, Kalashnikova Katya, "Croco Co"
No. 11, Kukalo Victoria, "Kira"

Nomination "Bear made of various materials"
No. 2, Guz Anna, "Little Winnie the Pooh"
No. 4, Visochina Tamara, "The Count"
No. 5, Dzhanoyants Pavel, "Ted"

Congratulations to the winner!
We thank all the finalists and invite you to participate in the contest in spring 2021!