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Modna lyalka

Contest of authorial works “Modna lyalka, season Spring 2020”

The competition of copyright works “Modna Lyalka, season spring 2020” is an open competition of copyright artwork. Any master can take part in the competition, regardless of the country of residence. Participation in the XXI International Show of Author’s Dolls and Teddy “Modns Lyalka” in September, 2020 (dates are being specified) is not a prerequisite for participation in this competition.


1. Nomination “Interior doll”. The necessary material for making dolls is cold porcelain, baked plastic, self-hardening plastic, papier-mâché, and silicone. The integrity and harmony of the image, the quality of performance, the exclusivity of the work are evaluated.

2. Nomination “Work in the style of Fusion”. The necessary material for the manufacture of work is cold porcelain, baked plastic, self-hardening plastic, papier-mâché, silicone, textiles, wool, yarn, wood, leather, glass, etc. The conformity to the declared direction of the nomination is evaluated – a combination of incompatible styles, without losing integrity and harmony; quality of performance, exclusivity of work.

3. Nomination “Customized Doll”. The quality of performance, the completeness of the image, the exclusivity of the work are evaluated.

The works of the participants of the “Modna Lyalka, Spring 2020 Season” competition will be exhibited as a separate exhibition at a designated stand in the exhibition hall of the pavilion during the 21st International Show of Author's Doll and Teddy “Modna Lyalka” in September, 2020 (dates are being specified), Kyiv, IEC, Brovarsky Prospekt, 15.

Exhibit Requirements

If the author uses the ideas and designs of famous images, indicate in the application the source of inspiration and the name of the author, as well as the name of the work.

Work that was previously exhibited, participated in other contests, exhibitions, etc., is not accepted for the competition.

The work should be done independently, as well as not in the process of visiting master classes, courses, etc.

Prizes of the competition

If there are less than 5 (five) works and participants in the nomination, no prize will be awarded. An independent jury will be created to evaluate and select the winner of each nomination.

In each nomination there is only one winner, a prize for which will be provided by the salon organizer.

The prize to the winner in the nomination is the podium (1.0 * 1.0 * 1.0) at the next International Show of the Author's Doll and Teddy “Modna Lyalka”.

All participants will be awarded with diplomas.

Terms of participation and application

By submitting an application, the participant thereby confirms that he carefully studied and agreed to the conditions.

Each master can submit any number of his works in different nominations of his choice.

Technique and materials are not limited, in addition to those indicated in certain categories.

Photo Requirements

The image should be clear, the background is light, solid, solid (preferably white, light gray).

Applications for participation in the competition must be submitted no later than one week before the start of the exhibition to the email konkursexpo@ukr.net, in the subject line of the letter, indicate “Modna Lyalka Competition, name of the participant”. The application and photo of the exhibit must be attached in separate files.

The organizer accepts information from participants as reliable and is not responsible for errors in participants' applications.

Each work should have a title and should be assigned to a specific nomination.

The organizer has the right to transfer the entries to other nominations in case of non-compliance with the terms of the competition or to disqualify without refund of participation cost.

By submitting an application, the author agrees to the condition that thereby transfers the right to publish his work on the site, in social networks, as well as the organizer’s printed resources.

Cost of participation

Cost of participation in the competition:

– 1 work – 600 UAH.

Payment of participation on the basis of the organizer's account.

Payment of participation no later than one week before the start of the exhibition.

Special conditions

All exhibits of the competition can be put up with the consent of the participant for sale, taking into account 10% of the commission in favor of the organizer. The cost of the work is determined by the author.

Work delivery

Entries for the competition must be delivered and taken out by the author or a proxy on their own.

Installation – on the eve of the exhibition from 15.00 to 18.00 hours. Dismantling – on the last day of the exhibition from 17.00 to 18.00 hours.

It is possible to send the work by Nova Poshta to the organizer no later than one week before the start of the exhibition by prior agreement. All postal expenses for sending to the contest and return shall be borne by the participant.

The organizer reserves the right to make additions to the rules for participation in this competition.

Application for participation in the contest “Modna Lyalka, season spring 2020”

Name of the author*

Country, city of residence of the author*


Email address*


Job title*

Work Size (HxWxD) cm*

Materials and technology*

Price, UAH**

* All fields are required.

** Indicate the price taking into account 10% commission.

If the work is not for sale, write – “Not for sale”

Alesya Hetman, “Live Now”, winner of the Competition Anniversary Modna Lyalka, October 2019
Yulia Malysheva, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”, winner of the Competition Anniversary Modna Lyalka, October 2019
Elena Kantur, “Peppy Longstocking”, winner of the Competition Anniversary Modna Lyalka, October 2019