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On September 6, the ceremony of official announcement of the results of the Competition of author's works “Fashionable Doll, Autumn 2020 Season” took place, which was attended by 13 puppet artists with 15 author's works in three nominations: “Interior Doll”, “Fusion Work”, “ Customized doll. The winner of the nomination “Interior Doll” according to the independent jury was Irina Litvinova with the work “Eliza”. The required number of works (five works) was not submitted for the evaluation of the nominations “Work in the style of Fusion” and “customize the doll”, so prizes in these nominations were not awarded. The organizers also awarded the prize “Opening of the season” to Anna Trokhimenko with the work “Maya and the Bumblebee” for an innovative approach to working with materials and special techniques.


List of finalists of the competition:


Nomination “Interior doll”

№2, Postolovska Olga, “Military Secret”

№4, Anna Trokhimenko, Maya and the Bumblebee

№6, Khmil Olga, «Violeta»

№7, Vatulya Yulia, “Dream-ka”

№8, Litvinova Irina, “Eliza”

№11, Gudachenko Iryna, «Ukrainka»

№12, Solodun Svitlana, “In birch and pine ...”

№13, Solodun Svitlana, “Was the carriage served?”

№14, Vereshchagina Iryna, “Windy Girl”

№15, Matkovska Olga, “Cincinella Moon Fairy”

№16, Videiko Maria, Avita


Nomination “Work in the style of Fusion”

№5, Kostecka Tatiana, “Grandmother with a cat”

№9, Maslyuk Lyudmila, “I'm not a magician yet ...”

№10, Maslyuk Lyudmila, Stepmother from the fairy tale “Cinderella”


Nomination “Customize doll”

№3, Tatur Victoria, “Baby Penny”


Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you to all the finalists and we invite you to participate in the competition in the spring of 2021!