From 28 to 30 May 2021, the long-awaited exhibitions – “Craft. Business & Hobby” and “Modna lyalka”. The event was attended by 316 exhibitors: companies, shops, studios and workshops, masters, designers and artists, as well as young masters-competitors.

The central section of the exhibition Hobby Market was presented by well-known Ukrainian companies and stores, such as TM Ludmila, Purple Fox, TM Alexandra Tokareva, Little Owl, Zarmilka, studio store Dekupazhinka, Creativниця, Skrynia Myistryni, Artist’s Bench, Creative Fabrics, Shtapel’, Living Clay and others. Visitors were presented with world novelties of various directions of needlework, goods for creativity and hobbies, accessories, fabrics, paintings for embroidery, beads and beads, sets for creating jewelry, ceramics, goods for artists and much more. National masters and designers presented expositions of unique author’s collections of handmade jewelry, designer clothes and various accessories for every taste.

Traditionally, a practical seminar was held by the information business partner of the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Advertising Souvenirs of Ukraine AVIRSU on “Handmade trends 2021 + life hack-method of transforming a hobby into a business”, Speaker Natalia Voloshin, Executive Director. The workshop discussed a slice of current trends from different creative industries, presentation of information for their own thoughts, vectors for different scenarios of their own projects, as well as provided a life hack-method of transforming hobbies into business for those creative people who find it difficult to organize themselves. whom creativity above all.

At the practical seminar “The path from IT to the embroidery business”, Speaker Natalia Olefirenko, a master of embroidery from Mykolayiv, shared her own success story, analyzing and highlighting the main obstacles, ups and downs, the nuances of effective development of social platforms and other online school experiences.

As part of the seminar from E-Export School from Ukrposhta “Open dialogue on how to start selling to a handmader from Ukraine abroad with minimal logistics costs” speaker Taisiya Chernytska discussed the following: E-Export – advantages as a channel for sales of goods; features of the operating model; key tips for sending goods abroad; where to look for tips on product promotion

Well-known art coach and master of patchwork sewing Lyudmila Andreeva gave a lecture for everyone “Patchwork. Diversity and fashion trends», which was devoted to the following issues: the history of patchwork; features and differences of patchwork in Europe, Egypt, America and Japan; patchwork and the present.

The exhibition also hosted the finals of creative competitions: the contest “Magic Needlework” and the All-Ukrainian children’s art contest “Magic Beads” with a common theme “Mysterious India”. The winners of the latter’s nominations were Laletina Angelina, Zhebko Polina, Samgina Maria, Ivanyushina Angelina, Abramova Kateryna, Skotarenko Darina. A total of 85 works by the 51st young master were presented in the competition. Traditionally, the sponsor of the children’s art contest “Magic Beads” was TM Charivna Myt, providing all participants with useful and educational gifts.

On the main stage of the exhibition for visitors were shown the clothing collection of the Dance and Fashion Theater “Fashion ZONE” (Koryukivka): “Modna lyalka” – Boho style; Ukraine Fashion Paradise – Ethno style; Africa is a cruise collection. Director, choreographer, designer Eugene Gordyuk.

Traditionally, there were shows from the Children’s Fashion Association. The following collections were presented: Shikoba, designer Marina Boyko; Cold Heart, designed by Alexander Madera; Flight, designer Nika Zinkivska; “Savannah», designer Lisa Davydenko; Northern Lights, designer Elena Kirienko. President of the Children’s Fashion Association Iryna Yarmak.

Also, as part of the traditional show Moment of Glory, a collection of knitted clothes (technique – artistic step-by-step knitting) by designer Irina Kartamysheva on models from the Children’s Fashion Association was shown.

Various performances and parades took place on the main stage. Thus, a theatrical parade Versailles Dreams of Stylish Butterflies by the creative team of models 60+, a performance of “I love Khreshchatyk” by the dance group Taiji Ballet (artistic director, director Boris Zhusov, costume designer Anna Ivanchuk), as well as performance of the National Theater of Indian Classical Dance “Nakshatra».

Within the framework of the exhibition “Modna lyalka” the following thematic zones were presented for visitors: Author’s Doll, Art Doll, Teddy Bears and Friends and Blythe & Co.

The central part of the exhibition was presented by a spacious open area Art Doll with thematic author’s art projects: author’s project by Oksana Salnikova; collective conceptual project “Not a project” by Victoria Kukalo and Maria Bondarenko, as well as a collective project of artists from Odessa “Waltz of Gems”.

Traditionally, there was a parade of hinged dolls presented by members of the Ukrainian community BJD.

The final of the children’s art contest “Modna lyalka”, the theme “Favorite book hero” took place. 69 young masters took part in the competition, who presented 75 competition works. The winners of the nominations were Vladimir Shpykulyak, Maria Golovchenko and Yevhenia Lokatyr. In addition to the main prizes provided by AVIRSU’s information business partner, regular exhibitors Olga Khmil and Tetyana Davis presented their personal prizes for their favorite works.

The finals of traditional competitions were also held. The winner of the contest of author’s works “Modna lyalka», theme “The world of dolls. Poetry and Aesthetics» in the nomination» Static Doll “according to the independent jury was Lena Golovnenko with the work Kailin and in the nomination “Fantasy Doll” – Svetlana Solodun with the work “On the forest edge, an old woman…”.

The winner of the contest of author’s works “My favorite bear» in the nomination “Traditional bear” according to the independent jury was Maria Boyko with the work “Bear”.

On the main stage there was a theatrical performance by the staff of the Fashion Theater “Secret”. PNZ “TsDYUT Shevchenkivskyi district” ZMR (Zaporozhye) in the form of magic dolls. Head Svitlana Strynadkina.

In the area of master classes was held a master class “Waxing, creating a wax bouquet” by master Svetlana Lebedeva, which was made elements of a traditional authentic Ukrainian wedding wreath, namely a bouquet for the bride or groom.

Traditionally, the exhibitions focused on charity with the help of representatives and projects of the charity.

Next XXV International Exhibition “Craft. Business & Hobby” and the XXIII International Exhibition of Author’s Dolls and Teddy “Modna lyalka” will take place on November 5-7, 2021 at the International Exhibition Center.

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XXIV International Exhibition “Craft. Business & Hobby”

XXII International Exhibition of Author’s Doll and Teddy “Modna lyalka”

May 28-30, 2021, IEC, Kyiv, Brovarsky ave., 15, pavilion №4-B