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XX International Show of Author’s Dolls and Teddy’s “Modna lyalka”,

October 18-20, 2019. IEC, Kyiv, Brovarsky Avenue, 15, pavilion #4-B


From October 18 to October 20, 2019, at the International Exhibition Center held international exhibitions – “Craft. Business & Hobby” and “Modna lyalka”, organized by the editorial staff of Fashion Handicrafts magazine. The event was attended by 305 exhibitors: companies, shops, studios and workshops, craftsmen, designers and artists from Ukraine, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan, Kazakhstan, Israel, Moldova, Russia, Belarus. In three days the exhibition was visited by 8127 guests and residents of the capital.

Within the salon “Modna lyalka”, the following thematic areas were presented to the visitors: Author’s Doll, Art Doll, Teddy and Friends Bears, Reborn Dolls, Traditional Ukrainian Doll and Blythe & Co.

This season, the exhibition was visited by renowned puppet artist Yvonne Flipse from the Netherlands (member of the DABIDA International Puppet Association), displaying all her colorful, fragile and unmatched works, as well as a book with her own illustrations.

Also, for the first time, a distinguished guest was the master-finisher Iveta Eckertová from the Czech Republic, who showed visitors her amazing and realistic reborn dolls.

The central part of the salon was represented by the spacious open area Art Doll with 43 catwalks and thematic author art projects.

Fashion doll through the centuries is a project of a group of artists led by Valentina Yakovleva, who presented a mix of history of antique doll and history of fashion development – from Pandora doll to the modern mannequin of the beginning of the century. In the Lviv Legends project, visitors were able to see puppet versions of ancient legends, backed up by true historical facts. The Spices collective project is an artistic vision of the magic of spices, embodied in the incredible dolls of 10 famous puppet masters under the guidance of Juliet Pelukh and Irina Zhmurenko.

Yvonne Flipse and Patrick Fédida
Stand of Iveta Eckertová
The projects Legens of Lviv

Traditionally, a fashion show of articulated dolls presented by members of the Ukrainian BJD Community was organized and held.

In the days of the salon was held a special contest “Anniversary Modna lyalka”, the winners of the 24 contests were selected through a spectator vote. The winners were Olesya Hetman with “Live Now”, Yulia Malysheva with “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” and Elena Kantur with “Peppy Longstocking”, whose prizes are podiums at the next “Modna lyalka” exhibition, Which will be held in September, 2020 – provided the organizers of the show.

For the first time the contest of the author’s toy “My favorite bear” has passed. 33 masters presented their works to the jury, among which 3 winners were selected: nomination “Traditional bear” – Vlada Dykan with the bear “Well, take me to the sea…”, nomination “Bear, made in the technique of amigurumi” Ljubov Bugayeva with work “Mikhalich”, the prizes for which – showcases at the next exhibition “Modna lyalka”, which will take place in September, 2020 (dates are being specified) – were presented by the organizers of the show. Anastasia Koshova won the nomination “Bear made in the technique of dry felting” with the work “The Pink Bear”, the prize for the contestant was given by Tatiana Kozak and the shop “Skrynia Myistryni”.

In the days of the salon was held a fascinating master show “Secrets of a puppet costume” by Tamara Pivnyuk, a doll artist, a member of the international union of puppets NIADA.

Also, there was a psychological training “What is your doll silent about?” Katya Kalashnikova – the author of doll and teddy bears Teddy, psychologist, art therapist, coach, writer – focused on and discussed the main aspects of puppet therapy and helped participants to analyze their own dolls, analyzing their own dolls technology.

On the main stage, Valery Bondarenko presented his books “In Every Me” and “Diary of a Doll”, held an autograph session and talked with fans.

The project Fashion doll trought the centuries
The project Spices

Traditionally, within the framework of the exhibitions, much attention was paid to charity with the help of representatives and projects of the Charitable Organization Childhood Cancer Foundation “Crab” and Child’s “House of Pearl”.

As usual, visitors were expected gifts and regular prizes from the organizers of the exhibition.

The next XXIIІ International exhibition “Craft. Business & Hobby” and the 21st International Show of the Author’s Doll and Teddy’s “Modna lyalka” will be held in September, 2020 (dates are being specified) at the International Exhibition Center.

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The projects Legens of Lviv
The projects Legens of Lviv

On October 18, the presentation of books by Valeriy Bondarenko took place on the main stage of the 20th International Salon of Author’s Dolls and Teddy “Modna lyalka” “In every I” and “Diary of a doll”. After the presentation, an autograph session was held, during which visitors had the opportunity to chat with the author.