Accreditation Procedure for Journalists


To work at all the events held by the LLC International Festival "Fairy Beads", media representatives must undergo mandatory accreditation.

Accreditation of journalists for the festival is as follows:

1. By sending an e-mail to LLC International Festival "Magic Beads" with a link to the announcement of the exhibition (for online publications), the time of release of the announcement (for radio and television), providing a sample of printed material (when registering directly at the festival (for print media)) and applications for accreditation:

Name of journalist, name of publication, contact information (e-mail and phone), number of accredited, contacts and signature of the editor-in-chief.

2. By providing a guarantee letter about the coverage of the exhibition in the media: in any form + name of the journalist, name of the publication, contact information (e-mail and phone), number of accredited, contacts and signature of the editor-in-chief and seal.

Number of accredited:

  • internet publications – 2 people
  • print media – 3 people
  • television – 4 people (according to the technical need for more people to indicate in the application)

Accreditation gives the right of free admission to the exhibition, receipt of information materials and press releases, visits to all events on the territory of the exhibition pavilion, except for those that require a separate invitation.

Free accreditation does not apply to employees of advertising departments.

For accredited journalists, in order to receive a badge and materials, they must have the official identity card of a media representative and present it upon registration with the IEC.

Accredited representatives of the media are not allowed to conduct promotion actions (distribution, presentation, advertising of their products, services) without the consent of the organizing committee of the International Magic Beads Festival LLC. Carrying out such actions is paid.

The published materials regarding the events held by the company International Festival "Magic Beads" LLC in print or electronic form, the demonstration of video materials should be accompanied by a link to the name of the exhibition and its organizer – LLC International Festival "Magic Beads".

Representatives of the media who during the period of action or after the event did not cover the exhibition, at the discretion of the organizing committee of the company LLC International Festival "Magic Beads" in the future may be denied accreditation.

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